Market Forces Driving New Trends in Enterprise Computing

There are so many factors disrupting our economy at this moment, we’re starting to see some tectonic shifts already changing Enterprise Computing. The most obvious and well known shift is the flight to Remote Working, and that’s getting plenty of focus, as it should. But there are a number of interesting, and sometimes counterintuitive, trends that are also dramatically changing the way companies do IT.

We sat down with Paul Benson, the CEO of Virtual Communications Specialist, an enterprise IT company deep in the trenches with businesses that are redeploying technology to respond to the recent wave economic disruptions. He has some interesting and surprising insights about the latest technology trends, and how they may impact your business.

Partnering With Customers to Drive Innovation

While many of the big changes in business IT are being shaped by external forces, some companies are taking advantage of the disruption to drive changes through innovation. The relationship between businesses and their IT service provider is often a vendor-client role, where technology is specified by the customer and contracted for fulfillment. When the relationship is instead a partnership, the customer and service provider work together to create new solutions that can reshape the way the customer does business.

New Trends in Enterprise Computing

Trends in Desktop 0:54

Trends in Printing 1:11

Market Miscalculations and Predicting Demand 1:07

Innovation and Cost Cutting Through Vending Machines 3:16

How to Maintain Corporate Data Security During Pandemic Lockdown 0:40

What Implications Does The Pandemic Have for Sales? 3:01

The Case for Desktops Over Laptops 0:51

Partnering With Customers

Partners Not Vendors 1:58

The Value of Strategic Partnerships 0:59

Adopting Sdervice for Healthcare 2:05