Block Theft & Tampering

Through our industry leading, tamper protection products, we are able to give our customers peace of..

Avoid Corporate Espionage

Ease the concerns of internal security with choices of both high tech and low tech security solutions.

Prevent Product Damage

Secure the integrity and durability of your products and protect your bottom line.

$75 Billion Saved So Far

We've prevented theft and secured over $75 billion for our clients and are revered in the industry..

360k Products Secured

No number is too high for us, we can secure as many products as you need.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the lowest prices in the industry – period. With a corporate structure that’s built with low overhead costs..

Tamper Tape

Stop theft in its tracks! Flexibility and versatility is vital to the success of security seals and tamper evident tapes. Our products offer a wide range of technologies to create a tamper evident tape suitable for your application, achieving the best security solution for you.

Quick & Cost-Effective Product Security
Protect Your Brand Identity
Available in Residue & Non-Residue Adhesive
100% Customizable

Tamper Labels

Fact: 30% of Doordash Drivers Admitted To Tampering With The Order During Transit.
Prevent Any and All Tampering With Our Tamper Labels!

Protect Your Customers & Products

Eliminate Tamper-Related Returns

Secure Your Bottom Line

100% Customizeable


Cargo Security

Cargo theft is a $30 billion problem per year problem causing devastating losses to a shipper’s brand equity and bottom line. Container seals help maintain container integrity by protecting against the insertion of unauthorized material and/or people and the removal of the cargo from pilferage and theft.

Quick & Cost-Effective Cargo Security

Protect Your Precious Cargo

Available in Many Sizes & Colors

Customized, Tailored Solutions


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