The Red Windmill at night.

Even though the exterior still has old-style design features, it works together with the windmill. When you walk around you can check out the Belle Epoque era artwork which covers the walls including mural paintings, original posters, and Morris columns. And every little table has a gentle red lamp which makes for a very warm and inviting setting.

The dance revues, and Musical Theater acts, also referred to as displays, are still as magnificent as they were years ago, with perfected choreography and musical acts. Many begin with the letter F which comes from a superstition straight back from the 1960s in which says that the Revue must start with this letter. This is just another wonderful fun fact from the history of the Moulin Rouge.

This tourist attractions in Paris have remained popular for more than a century as a result of the variety it offers to audiences from dancing to music, the art of mime, singers, and acrobats. The experience is something that can really provide a unique day while on vacation in Paris.

And the cabaret venue still keeps true to its origins, with a dinner series that was first envisioned in the mid-1950s and is still conducted by Dalloyou even today.

The previous revue was held in 2012 and was known as “Feerie”. The show featured a troupe of 80 artists, many international acts, a world-known juggler, all joined by 60 women. In addition, everything is performed with original songs produced by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers.

And that is not all, the costuming also plays a significant part. There are over 1000 distinct costumes and everything is made out of rhinestones and sequins and feathers which were made in the very best workshops in Paris. In addition, there are incredible wardrobe collections that were created by Italian musicians.

In addition to all that, the brand-new revues have recently the clear tank aquarium. A water tank is moved onto the stage with snakes and a lady swimming with them. This was the original notion of Jacki Clerico who had it envisioned this display back in the 1950s.

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