Moulin 4.-20

One good thing is that if this series in Paris is mostly in French it does not take away from the stunning performance even in the event that you can’t understand any of these songs, they can still sound fantastic.

To enjoy the revue, it is possible to go and see the show by itself at 9 pm or 11 pm for $95 per person. And for an extra ten Euros, you can also enjoy a glass of champagne or other choices of beverage.

There’s also a dinner series option where you are able to enjoy a three-course meal at 7 pm that’s followed by a 9 pm showing. And of course, there are various meal choices to select from such as a vegetarian or vegan. That can be $175 or $200 depending which you chose, along with half of a bottle of champagne included since 2012.

Children under the age of 6 aren’t permitted to enter. But youngsters under the age of 12 are permitted in for $50, and the dinner price with a soft drink is priced at either $120 or $145

In addition to those choices the Moulin Rouge cabaret place in Paris provides matinees on certain dates for viewing the performance called “Feerie” which begins at 2:45 pm and includes half a bottle of champagne for $105. Or if you like you may have a set three-course meal that starts at 1 pm until 4:45 pm for the price of $145.

Of course, not forgetting that there are specific menus for certain times of the year. Seasonal changes, like during Christmas and other Holidays. So, reserving and assessing pricing is advised since it can vary considerably.

With all this, you can see that the Moulin Rouge is a wonderful tourist attraction in Paris to visit. Since you can enjoy a meal with an entire selection of performances and talent in a fantastic setting while on vacation in Paris.

The showstopper song, “Come What May” from the current hit musical “Moulin Rouge”

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