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My dream was always to create an event for talented singers. I wanted to create a dinner show series, sell tickets, and support singers by paying them well. After all, the singers are the reason that people come to live music events. My first love is the Musical Theater, so often the performers are stars from musical theater and they sing songs from popular musicals. But not always, depending on the theme.

So I came up with the Larry Evans Cabaret Series, the audience just pays $25 for the dinner and show ticket, which includes a $10 credit towards dinner. Since 2014 I have already done over 30 shows! All events are held at upscale restaurants in Pasadena.


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What our customers says

Larry Evans ALWAYS presents great entertainers at his shows. I’m so glad that he gives these performers a place to showcase their talents. His Halloween show this past year was the best one that I think I have ever attended.

The location of his recent events, Sorriso in Old Town Pasadena is a great venue for them because it’s an intimate setting, so one is never far away from the performers. The food is also really good, and you can’t beat the price. Included w/the price of the ticket is a $10 discount on the food, which makes the evening a REAL bargain, in my opinion.

Richard Little

“You poor unfortunate souls…” Did you miss the Larry Evans Cabaret Halloween show at Sorriso in Pasadena… The perfect start to a Halloween weekend. If you’re seeking out something a little more non-traditional as opposed to themed parties, trick-o-treating with your kids, nephews, nieces, etc. and/or high priced covers at a lounge or bar nightclub during the holiday weekend… Look no further than the amazing food for not only your bodies, but your souls as well.


The showcase of talent brought together by this amazing pianist Larry Evans was next level. Enjoying creamy chardonnay, butternut squash pasta (vegan friendly), savory appetizers and a live music show was an experience I’ll never forget. The prices are more than fair, saving a good portion off our entire meal (including drinks) with purchase of tickets for L.E.’s Cabaret in advance. Savannah Pope was the Ursula of my dreams in full costume, but all of the performers were dare I say ridiculously wicked. I can’t wait for another experience like this.

Quintin E.

Don’t miss the Cabaret Series. Go with friends — enjoy the upbeat vibe, great music and good food, and meet talented local performers. Always a terrific night out in Pasadena. We give Larry Evans two thumbs up!

Judy & Dick Rubin


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The Red Windmill at night.

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